“Photography is an enchanting ritual. It is the “determining moment” when the eye, the heart and the finger of the photographer are perfectly synchronized. It is a simple click that captures one moment, one image and keeps it eternally alive.”

These are some of the words that express the beliefs of the three photographers representing the “Fotografeion”, which is exactly what the Greek word means, a photography store.

It is a new firm aspiring to combine the characteristics of a typical photography store- an element reflected on the archaistic type of the Greek term- with the satisfaction of all the contemporary needs in the field of photography. The common factor between them is the human, personal element enhanced during all the stages of the process, from the conception and the shot to the printing of each picture.

The logo

In order to serve the owners’ vision, we designed a handmade font, futuristic and minimal, finally timeless like the value of photography.

What the symbol is concerned, our goal was to express the omnipresent distinct view of the photographer. What inspired us was the moment of the conception of each picture, the one the photographer sees through the viewfinder of the camera. Thus, a symbol was created that combines three subsections: the eye of the photographer, the lens and the intermediate axis of the light passing through the open aperture of the camera.

Both the typeface and the symbol are designed in two versions, a vertical (portrait) and a horizontal (landscape). Furthermore, in the case of supportive horizontal implementations of the brand, the possibility of adjusting the length of the symbol line is provided, depending on the focal length of the lens used by the photographer in each case (35 mm, 85 mm or 70-200 mm). Finally, the subsections of the symbol are also used in the design of the icons representing the services offered by the “Fotografeion” (e.g. studio, editing, dark room, merchandise).

© Sakis Androutsopoulos 2018 – Fotografeion

​​​​​​​© Sakis Androutsopoulos 2017 – Fotografeion

Discrimination @ shape ‘n light 2018
Category – Wedding photo/portrait

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