Mikro Ktima Bokola


The winery

Bokola Estate is a small winery located at Fteri, Arcadia, which produces wine with a lot of love and respect to regional traditions. The label was named after the family Bokola to honor the three generations that have continued the tradition of winemaking. On the company’s logo are the three grandfathers, at the house on the vineyard, next to the huge pine tree.


The labels

The rosé wine label has god’s Dionysos most distinctive attribute, the “Thyrsos”, a pine-cone tipped staff, while the white wine label has the characteristic drinking-cup of Dionysos named “Kylix”. The small symbol on top, which is in metallic foil printing, is the symbol of wine in Linear B. The symbols’ perimeters show the grapes in a traditional old stone vap viewed from the top.

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