Approach & Process


Visual communication is a reliable and useful tool for every businessman.

It is a powerful way of communication through which the product or service is connected immediately to the aimed consumer.

In other words, a good visual gives the logo the chance to stand out and builds customer relationships and loyalty.

Communication is a basic factor in our collaboration as well. Our experience has shown us that our recommended solutions are effective due to our cooperation.

That’s why in each project we follow certain principles:

  • take part in your vision, understanding every aspect
  • work together in the formation of the communicative goals
  • analyze and evaluate the data
  • create a plan and a strategic design

Design process

01. Research

Understanding each product or service is of paramount importance in the design process and requires systematic research. For each case, we collect information based on the market and the consumers’ needs, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data and statistics of each product and service. Data is evaluated through consumers’ perceptions, motivations, feelings and reactions to each product or service.

02. Drafts

The design starts with a sheet of white paper and a well sharpened pencil. The research data and imagination come together creatively, forming the lines and shapes into a basic idea.

03. Design

Based on the rules of visual communication, marketing, etc. we proceed to design efficient ways and means that express and support the basic idea creating solid bases so that the product or service stands out on the market.

04. Support

After completing the design, Drunk provides a consistent support system which includes resolving any problem, meeting additional needs, and providing advice on further communication actions related to your product or service.


  • Logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • Naming of products – services
  • Product catalogue
  • Drink and food menu
  • Label
  • Packaging
  • Promotional material
  • Illustration
  • Company printed material
  • Exhibition booth
  • Communication strategy
  • Online promotion
  • Social media

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