Karydis Labels

Corporate Gift Box

Karydis Labels
Corporate gift box

On the occasion of the 200 year anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, a collectible gift packaging was designed for the Karydis Labels company. The main idea includes a series of illustrations of the fall of Tripolitsa that led to the crucial event of the Greek Revolution in order to highlight the events, the symbols and of course the Greek heroes. The whole creative process is based on the lines and the forms of Greek Significance.

Title fonts, figures, symbols of the time were designed and all of them combined created a set of motifs. The color palette was inspired by the costumes of the time, the findings, the maps and the blood shed for freedom.

Illustration & Graphic Design

Konstantinos Papadopoulos

Video Production Design & Photography

Konstantinos Papadopoulos


Manos Siganos
Konstantinos Papadopoulos


Karydis Labels

Wine Production & Bottling

Troupis Winery


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Kai Engel – Raining​​​​​​​

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