A blend of rums aged for 6 years from Panama and Barbados islands, arrives in Santorini Island, Greece. It will rest for 6 months in Domain Sigalas Vinsanto wine casks, right by the Aegean Sea. This unique finish creates rich aromas of dried apricots and golden raisins combined with cacao and spices. On the palate offers sweetness perfectly balanced with a rich well-rounded mouth. The distinctive Santorini microclimate, warm and dry during the day as opposed to cool and humid during night, gives to Privado’s complex personality, a long flavoured finish.

Logo & Packaging

The logo’s mark was inspired by the drop cap of the word Vinsanto and the level of rum in the oak barrel. A special shaped glass container was selected for the packaging, while the design of the label is the result of careful typography. What is impressive is the rendering of the word Colombiana, combined with the gold lettering of Privado on a special cotton paper.

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