Arch Beer House


Arch Beer House
25th Anniversary 2018

Arch is an authentic pub which patrons have been enjoying its rock philosophy since 1993. The outside architecture is grand and impressive in appearance, and compliments the interior design of the pub that is accented with wood and stone, creating a unique atmosphere. Their annual anniversary party is thoroughly planned every year, however on the 25th anniversary special attention was devoted in party planning to establish the benchmark of the pub.

25th Anniversary
1993 – 2018

A fabulous hand-drawn sketch, inspired by the building’s architecture and unique hanging gardens which surround the building, was created for the 25th anniversary of Arch Beer House. This illustrated bell is based on the philosophy, the history and the aesthetics of the pub.

For those about to rock we salute you – ​​​​​​​AC/DC

Collectible t-shirt

Every anniversary, handmade t-shirts are designed and printed for this special occasion. The design on the t-shirt is a combination of the Arch’s family crest monogram on a carved oak barrel as well as the family’s story written on an old, worn down scroll. The scroll shows movement to indicate that the Arch’s story is still continuing…

Rock out – ​​​​​​​Motorhead

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