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“art exhibition”

T.A.F. The Art Foundation is pleased to present the K O N T A K T exhibition which opens on Tuesday 1 September and will last until 11 September 2020. The works of 20 contemporary artists are presented, curated by the art historians Ioanna Antzaka and Marina Ziavra.

Curators note

kontakt < contactus:

  1. touch (intangible or natural)
  2. transmission (of a thought, of an emotion, of an illness?)

Is contact nowadays allowed only through the eyes?

Contact is one of the most basic existential needs of a human being and plays a significant role in our lives as a non-verbal form of communication. It is established long before speech and is much more developed, even if sometimes we do not realize it. Humans have an innate ability to recognize and express their emotions spontaneously through human contact and in many cases to instinctively embody them.

We have an insatiable thirst for contact, for interaction, for immediate irritations; whether it is with other people or with art itself. Nowadays, however, it seems that the concept of contact is constantly being reshaped and therefore there is an urgent need to redefine it in modern reality, especially after the recent global developments.

There is, therefore, an interesting dipole; on the one hand, the excessive communication that -fatally- leads to suffocating friction, to conflict, to disharmony, while on the other hand, the avoidant contact or otherwise its lack that leads to alienation, isolation, suspicion. Nevertheless, any kind of contact can prosper if the golden ratio its special nature is found, and thus bring pleasure, satisfaction, balance. After all, the desire for human contact, whatever its appearance, will remain unquenchable.

«Only with fiery patience will we conquer wonderful happiness».

Visual artists participate in the exhibition
Babak Ahteshamipour // Dorothea Amenta // Aggeliki Germakopoulou // drunk ® // DUSB // Vasilis Thalassinos // Panagiotis Kampilis // EvinaKat // Thodoris Laios // Panos Bakas // Nikos Neskes // Dimitris Papadopoulos // Sofia Papadopoulou // Peter Shevchenko // Vasilis Sjögren Tzanetopoulos // Sotiris Fen // Vasilis Stogias // Phaedra Harda // Katerina Christou

Dance performance
Katerina Athanasiadi

Concept – Organization – Curating – Communication
Ioanna Antzaka & Marina Ziavra

Opening Days & Hours
1-11 September 2020
Tuesday to Sunday 17:00 – 22:00

At the exhibition venue of T.A.F. The Art Foundation

5 Normanou Str., Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

Due to the measures for Covid-19, the entrance of the public in the space will be gradual and for a certain period of time, as well as the necessary distances will be observed. It is necessary to use a protective mask. Maximum number of persons present at the same time: 40.


Just a quick glimpse around us is enough to notice how distant and often violent we become with each other day by day. Disguised in what others want to see and usually following a poorly designed trend -with an expiration date- going along with the crowd.

Remote and impersonal, without contact and conversation. You quickly realize that there will be no deliverance if each and everyone’s daily way of thinking and acting does not change. Hand-in-hand. That’s the only way the human being can accomplish goals and climb one more stair; help your neighbor and move forward together. That’s the only way the human being can thrive and become better; working together for the common good. Hand-in-hand. That’s the only way.

There’s hope and we should find the willpower within us to act and live accordingly.

Mixed media on plywood 53x53cm

© drunk 2020

drunk ® — Sweet 35sec

Experimental video

Christina Birbili Karaleka


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